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RegExp Cheat Sheet (Fuller tutorial)

^ — beginning of line

$ — end of line

. — any character

a* — '' OR 'a' OR 'aa'...

a+ — 'a' OR 'aa' OR 'aaa'...

a? — '' OR 'a'

[abcdz], [a-dz] — 'a' OR 'b' OR 'c' OR 'd' OR 'z'

[^abc] — NOT (a OR b OR c)

(abra)cad\1 — 'abracadabra'

(cat|dog) — 'cat' or 'dog'.

(?=regexp1)(?=regexp2) or one regexp per line — regexp1 AND regexp2

(?=.*c.*)(?=.*a.*)(?=.*t.*)(?=^...$) — anagrams of 'cat'

OneLook format: "some_phrase 106" (where 106 is # of dictionaries)

Compound format: "somephrase\tsome phrase\t(4,5) (where \t is Tab)"